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Davidson Chinchillas Website has been written to provide information for all chinchilla lovers. The site endevours to provide chinchilla facts for pet owners, chinchilla breeders, rescues, and anyone who has an interest in these beautiful and intelligent creatures called chinchillas. There are articles and information on a variety of aspects of chinchilla care - chinchilla health, chinchilla housing, chinchilla feeding, chinchilla breeding, and other general chinchilla husbandry issues - as well as photographs including charcoal chinchilla colours, medical, and pet photos. 

I have been keeping chinchillas for over 10 years and they are first and foremost my beloved pets (including the breeding chinchillas). They live in comparative luxury in what used to be my spare room (now kitted out specifically for the chins). Each cage has toys for environmental enrichment and mental stimulation.
I have some "disabled" rescue chinnies who have specially adapted cages according to their needs and all of my chins are very precious to me - whether rather scruffy rescues, old "characters", loveable pets or quality breeding chinchillas.

I do not pretend to be an expert and I am constantly learning. I have included articles from my experiences, perspective, and research - please email me if there are any glaring omissions or errors. I will endevour to add new articles and information on a regular basis.

Davidson Chinchillas specialises in keeping and breeding pure recessive charcoal and charcoal-derived chinchillas; including charcoal, pastel, charbrown, charblack, and charcoal carriers (velvets, standards, and beige).

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Davidson Chinchillas & Azure Chinchillas (as CHINformative) will be attending the London Pet Show Show in Earls Court Two, London on 12-13th May.

We will be bringing along some friendly chinchillas and promoting all aspects of keeping these wonderful pets.


CHINformative have a special discount code for anyone wishing to book tickets. 20% off the price of tickets by using the code CHINCHILLA when you book online or via the telephone.



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Davidson Chinchillas recommends the Galen's Garden range of products for chinchillas.

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Davidson Chinchillas does not have any associations with the fur trade and does not ship chinchillas out of the UK.